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Did you know that as a Navy League member you are eligible for discounts with more than 20 companies?

​CAPT Louis Schager, USN (RET)


Maryellen Baldwin

FORCM  James Monroe, USN (RET)–Immediate Past President  

Mr. Wayne Callis- VP, Development   

FLTCM Jon Thompson, USN (RET) –Treasurer      
CDR Mark E. Newcomb, JACG, USN (RET) - Judge Advocate
      RADM Chuck Beers, USN (RET)-Secretary                 
CAPT Christopher “Kit” Chope, USN (RET) - VP, Military Affairs
CAPT Robert N. Geis, USN (RET) - VP, At Large                                                                      
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                     
VADM David Architzel, USN (RET)                                    
CDR Charles S. Arrants, USN (RET)

CAPT Douglas Beaver, USN (RET)                                   

CAPT Robert E. Clark, USN (RET)

CAPT Bill Crow, USN (RET)                                     
Rear Admiral John E. Crowley, USCG (RET)         
ADM William E. Gortney, USN (RET)                             

RADM Jack Kavanaugh, SC, USN (RET)                            
CAPT Brenda Kerr, USCG (RET)

Mr. Kevin F. King                                                               

CAPT Steve Laukaitis, USN (RET)                                                     Mr. Robert McCashin                                                   
Mr. Mike Nicosia

CAPT Michael O’Hearn, USN (RET)                                  
CAPT Len Remias, USN (Ret) 

CAPT S. Robert Roth, USN (RET)

CAPT Larry Tindal, USN (RET)  

Mrs. Feba Thomas

Ms. Jordan Watkins

“I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy."

President John F. Kennedy

Becoming an Advocate is Easy

The Navy League depends on passionate individuals like you to carry our education and support mission forward. Local councils adopt ships and shore commands, reward and honor enlisted personnel, host dinners and celebrations for military personnel, and support family members left behind when spouses and parents are deployed. In addition, many councils have participated in spectacular ceremonies connected with the commissioning of new Navy and Coast Guard ships as well as the dedication of new military shore facilities. No prior military service is required to be a member of the Navy League!​

  • You served in one of the sea services and want to continue your association with that service.

  • You are a small business or company, or a larger business or corporation, perhaps engaged in commerce with the sea services.

  • You understand the importance of sea power to our national defense and economy and you want to help ensure that they remain strong and viable. You know that the sea services are America's strength.

  • You admire what your local Navy League council is doing and you want to help them carry on their mission in support of our men and women in uniform.

  • You are the spouse of an active duty service member who cannot join the Navy League, but you want to and can.

  • You know that the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are usually the first on the scene at catastrophic events and provide medical and other humanitarian services around the world and you want to support that mission.

  • You are concerned about terrorism and homeland security and you want to support the Coast Guard as it protects our ports and interdicts drug traffickers and potential terrorists on the high seas.

  • You know that forward presence and quick reaction to world events is provided by the Navy and Marine Corps and that we must have the ships and equipment to make them responsive and effective.

  • You know that 90% of the world’s goods move to their destination by sea and a capable U.S.-flag Merchant Marine is needed to sustain the economy of the United States.

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  • E-Membership- $25 

  • 1-Year Premium Individual/International - $55

  • 2-Year Premium - $100 (save $10*)

  • 3-Year Premium - $130 (save $35*)

  • 4-Year Premium - $180 (save $40*)

  • 5-Year Premium - $225 (save $55*)

  • Life membership (to age 55) - $1000

  • Life membership (age 56 - 75) - $750

  • Life membership (age 76 +) - $500

  •  *Over 1-year rate​

  • FREE membership to allActive Duty Spouses 

We are a military service organization, rather than a veterans’ organization, although we cherish and support our veterans and wounded warriors. We are the trusted civilian partners of the sea services, supporting their mission, their personnel and their families. We also believe in building a strong foundation for those services through youth programs that teach duty, honor and respect for this country and provide a path into the sea services.

The Navy League has three missions:​​

  1. To enhance the morale of active-duty personnel and their families.                         
  2. Inform Congress and the American public on the importance of strong sea services.
  3. Support youth through programs such as the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Junior ROTC and Young Marines that expose young people to the values of our sea services

We need you!!  Help us combined our voices to make a powerful statement on Capitol Hill.


The sea services depend on Navy League members to tell their story to our Congressional leaders.  We believe that providing for the common defense is—and must always be---the first and most important responsibility of the federal government.  As a maritime nation, the United States must have the strongest, most capable sea services and a dedicated maritime strategy to ensure conflicts are kept far from our shores and that the sea lanes are open and free for commerce.   Congress needs to understand the negative effects of budget caps and sequestration to the sea services.  It is up to you to help the sea services explain what they can and can’t do with the limited money that is available in a world with increasing global instability.

If the Department of the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Maritime Administration are required to continue to respond to crisis after crisis without the funding needed to build new ships, repair old equipment and provide routine maintenance, the nation risks permanent damage to national defense and puts in jeopardy the domestic and international economies that rely on the safety and security that U.S. sea power provides. Ships, crews, and equipment cannot continue at the current pace of operations. The retention of trained personnel will decline, ultimately leading to reduced readiness for combat and other missions. By many measures, current funding levels do not meet the sea services’ needs.

We need you to tell this story.  The Navy League is on Capitol Hill, constantly supporting forums, speakers, and other events to help tell the sea services story.  But that pales in comparison to the power you have as a constituent.  Make your voice heard.  Tell your Member of Congress and your Senators you support the sea services by taking action on one of our campaigns.

There are a variety of ways for you to get involved with just one click discover more on 

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  • About the U.S. Marine Corps
  • About the U.S. Coast Guard
  • About the U.S. -flag Merchant Marines
  • Letters to Congress
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  • Shipbuilding
  • The Jones Act
  • Law of the Sea
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