VENDOR REQUEST FORM- provided by the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel

COMPANY NAME: ____________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________
PHONE #: ________________________   EMAIL: ___________________________________________
BOOTH #: NACGF-Riverwalk
Telephone Line                    $80.00 per line, per day + local & long distance charges             ______________
Wireless or Wired Internet Access                    $50.00 per line, per day                                     ______________
Box Handling Fee               $3.00 per box, per day (Small – Large Box/Display Case)              ______________
                                                $15.00 Extra large box, per day (25 lbs +)                                      ______________
                                                $150.00 Heavy Equipment/Crates/Pallets                                      ______________
                                                                                                                         5% TAX                         ______________
    TOTAL OF CHARGES                ______________

The hotel uses SERTIFI to obtain payment information via a credit card authorization form.  Please provide your email address (above) and once received, a separate email will be sent to you.

Please Ship Boxes To- 

Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel                  

Do Not Ship More than 5 Days  prior to the conference                     

Kelly Bridgeman & (exhibitor name)              
777 Waterside Drive

Norfolk, VA 23510

Tel: 757-640-2767 Fax: 757-640-2753

The Navy League of Hampton Roads in partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia Economic Development Partnership is hosting a Maritime Technologies symposium at the Norfolk Sheraton Waterside May 7 - 9. The symposium will provide a forum for the participants/sponsors to exchange technical experiences including but not limited to maritime surveillance systems, equipment and shipbuilding.

Sponsorship Levels:

Gold sponsors $7, 500 each: includes a resources table, an invitation (up to 3 guests) to attend a welcome reception, (2 guests) plated dinner, and a full-page ad in a commemorative book.

Silver sponsors $5,000 each: includes a resource table. an invitation (2 guests) to the welcome reception, (2 guests) plated dinner, and a half page ad in commemorative book.


We are happy to note that, a prestigious international maritime forum, The North Atlantic Coast Guard Forum (NACGF) is scheduled coincidentally to the symposium. We invited the NACGF delegates to meet our symposium participants, view their resource tables, and join us for the plated dinner. Additionally, we offered the NACGF an opportunity for their working groups to receive 8-12 minute ‘state of the industry’ presentations from our Gold level sponsor organizations.

The NACGF Experts Working Group meeting includes members of the 16-21 European and North American nations. NACGF is an informal organization bringing together representatives from North America./North European countries to facilitate multilateral maritime security cooperation. The NACGF working group topic areas include:

Fisheries Enforcement
Environmental Response
Illegal Drug Trafficking
Illegal Migration
Maritime Security
Search and Rescue

Schedule of Events:

May 6 – Welcome Reception
May 7 -  Presentations
May 8 – Plated Dinner

Contact Bre Kingsbury at the Navy League of Hampton Roads for more information or to reserve your sponsorship. (757) 486-7654 or 

Thank you to our partners!

Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel

777 Waterside Drive, Norfolk,  VA 23510
Room Rate: $94 USD per night
Final day to make your reservation is April 19, 2019 

Navy League and Virginia Economic Development Partnership Presents The Maritime Technologies Symposium
In coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard’s North Atlantic Coast Guard Forum 


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